Behind the Lens


 My name is Elizabeth, and I love to make films.  I am quiet and observant.  I am never first to jump up and dance when the music starts playing.  I’ve found that this is a quality that serves me well as a filmmaker, allowing me to notice beauty that often goes unnoticed, find voices that may go unheard, and tell stories that may otherwise go untold.

My mission is to create heirloom quality films that will make you and future generations smile.  I do this not by pointing and shooting but by thinking about the story that I want to tell and the best way to tell that story through the eye of a camera.  This results in films that capture the love and emotion of the moment in a way that is not possible any other way.

The filmaking does not end with the shooting.  That is only the beginning.  By keeping the story I am trying to tell at the forefront during post-production editing, I am able to craft and organize the film so that it draws you in emotionally, often bringing tears to your eye and sometimes mine too.

I moved from Indiana to Dallas, TX to go to Southern Methodist University. I started working in video production and videography after graduating from SMU in Dallas, TX in 2003. I soon realized that I really enjoyed wedding videography and capturing events.  I started to feel frustrated though by the limitations of my camera.  I had visions for my work that I wasn’t able to create with a normal camcorder. DSLR video was a dream come true.   In 2011, I started copper penny films, and we now work exclusively in the art of DSLR video.  I am excited to serve the Dallas Fort Worth community with my films. I also have many local Dallas Fort Worth charities that are near and dear to my heart.  I have a soft spot for children, and I hope I can help some with my videography in the Dallas Forth Worth area.

I live in McKinney, TX( just north of Dallas) with the loves of my life, my husband Vince and my three amazing children–Ruby, Johnny, and Mae.   I also have three crazy rescue pups that I love dearly–Jack, Monkey, and Pinky.


Much love,


Picture by Catherine Clay Photography.


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