Back Home Again in Indiana {Life in Motion} August

My family’s lake house in Northern Indiana is the home to our vacation ever year. It is the highlight of the summer. My kiddos start asking about “when are we going to the lake house?!?!” the minute school lets out! It is always a welcomed relief to leave Texas in August. It feels like a good, old fashioned childhood. This year we loaded up the RV with our two dogs and headed north. We made a pitstop in Nashville for a few nights to see the Allen cousins(stay tuned for another post.) My sisters drive down from Michigan and Minnesota, and all six cousins have a ball.

Back Home Again in Indiana {Life in Motion} August from copper penny films on Vimeo.

A highlight for this trip was the tweens getting their certification on the little blue boat. They soaked up every minute of their independence as the navigated the sometimes very crowded waters. Oliver and Ruby have always been very close. They were born a mere day apart, and they jokingly call themselves twins. I am so happy that their close relationship has continued.


My youngest, Miss Mae, as usual, continues to steal the show. We picked apples at the apple trees down the lane, and she was on a mission to feed/pet the horses as much as possible. I caught her crying because the horses(that were being leased by Camp Crosley next door) were being taken back to Kentucky the next day. I think she may have talked my mom into buying a horse. We will have to wait and see.

We have a new skier that was inducted into the water skiing club. Oliver is officially a skier and Mae is now a skier needing no assistance.


My precious(and gorgeous) niece, Brynn, asked me to take her senior portraits. She is a senior at Eden Prairie High School. She is an honors student, a top 8 state swimmer, and member of the top choir at her school.


Biggest shout of to my dear friend Nicki Behm, of Nicki Behm Photography for drawing the super cute doodle of Oliver and Ruby in their blue boat.

Make sure you follow the blog circle all the way around to see all the magic that was created by the other filmmakers in August. You won’t want to miss Mia’s film!


  1. I loved this, Elizabeth! What camera do you shoot with again? Your footage is so crisp! I loved all your low light stuff – so beautiful. And the time lapses! Swoon! I also loved the animation at the beginning. Soo good!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 I use the panasonic GH4. The camera definitely has some limitations, but it is such a great little camera.

  2. Looks like so much fun. I love the song too

  3. This was splendid- what fun summer memories! Those time lapse shots of the sky are just amazing!!! Can’t wait to join you all next month- such an inspiring group!

  4. Very well put together 🙂 These memories in motion are awesome!

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